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Madrid, the energetic capital of Spain, is a destination that perfectly combines history, culture and entertainment. And if you are a music lover, you cannot miss Mad Cool, one of the most exciting festivals in Europe. In this article, I’ll walk you through the best things to do in Madrid during the Mad Cool festival, and show you how to get to the concerts by taxi. Get ready to live an unforgettable musical experience while you discover the charming city of Madrid.

What is “Mad Cool”?

Mad Cool is a world-renowned music festival that attracts a diverse crowd of music lovers from all corners of the globe. Every year, this epic event brings together internationally renowned artists and up-and-coming artists on a spectacular stage. From rock and pop to electronic and alternative music, Mad Cool offers a wide range of music genres to suit all tastes. This year 2023 Mad Cool receives world-class artists such as Robbie Williams, Sam Smith or Red Hot Chili Peppers.
During the festival, you will be able to enjoy live concerts by your favorite bands and discover new talent. In addition to live music, Mad Cool has various activities and entertainment areas, such as food and drink areas, artisan markets, and spaces to relax and enjoy the festive atmosphere.
Madrid is for the “madrileños” and those who come to visit, the city that never sleeps. And Mad Cool is a sample of it.

How to get to Mad Cool?

To get the most out of your Mad Cool experience, it’s important to plan your transportation to the festival. A convenient and reliable option is to use taxi services in Madrid. Taxis give you convenience and speed to get to your destination, avoiding the stress of looking for parking or dealing with public transportation.

In Madrid, public transport works very well during the day, however at night it is better to have a different transport. That is why our home service is a perfect option to have the best transportation and in your language.

In addition, any of our English Taxi Madrid drivers will be able to provide you with recommendations and advice on the best places to visit during your stay.

Enjoying Madrid beyond the festival

Mad Cool is the main event, but Madrid offers much more than music. Take advantage of your visit to explore the charms of the city. Stroll through the historic Barrio de los Austrias, visit world-famous museums such as the Prado Museum and the Reina Sofía Museum, and marvel at the majesty of the Royal Palace.

Do not forget to enjoy the delicious gastronomy of Madrid. Try traditional tapas, such as Iberian ham and croquettes, and let yourself be tempted by a wide selection of Spanish wines. Madrid is also well known for its lively nightlife, so feel free to explore the city’s bars and clubs after the concerts.

In short, Madrid offers you a huge number of options to make your visit unforgettable. If you need a comfortable and adaptable mobility option, we will be happy to accompany you on your visit.

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