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How to get from Madrid airport to the city centre is an important consideration when travelling to the Spanish capital. How far is the airport from the centre of Madrid? What is the best way to get to the city centre? And if you’re travelling with kids, what’s the easiest way to transfer to your hotel? Where is Madrid airport?   Madrid airport (Adolfo Suárez Madrid Barajas Airport), is about 26 kilometres (16 miles) from the city centre, if you’re landing at Terminal 4. If your flight lands at Terminals 1, 2 or 3, the distance is reduced to about 22 km (14 miles).


Getting from Barajas to the city centre by bus, metro or taxi

There are four ways to get from Barajas airport to Madrid city centre: bus, train, underground and taxi.
  • Bus: one of the slowest ways to get to the centre of Madrid. It costs €5 and takes 40 minutes to an hour to arrive. There’s a good chance you will have to stand during the journey.
  • Train: could be a good option, but only if your flight lands at Terminal 4. It costs around €3 and takes about 40 minutes. However, bear in mind that the direct train only goes as far as Atocha and Chamartín stations, or other stops such as Nuevos Ministerios. To get to Sol, for example, you will have to transfer between stations.
  • Underground: the Airport Metro line is Line 8 and makes one stop at Terminal 4 and another at Terminal 1, 2 and 3. It costs around €5 and takes about one hour: definitely the slowest option to travel from the airport.
  • Taxi: the fastest way to get from the airport to Madrid city centre. It’s easy to book a transfer for just €35 to the city centre or one of the train stations (Atocha or Chamartín). With English Taxi Madrid you can get there quickly and comfortably and you will have a local driver who speaks English. We will wait for you inside the Arrivals terminal, holding a sign with your name on it.

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Travelling to Madrid with your family If you are visiting Madrid with your family, booking a taxi is one of the best options. Sit back and enjoy the comfort of travelling by car to your hotel or the train station. In addition, our taxis are equipped with full safety measures and baby seats. Just mention your requirements when you book. If you need a transfer for a group of six or more passengers, English Taxi Madrid has a minivan with capacity for all of you and your luggage.

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